Over centuries women came a long way and had to face many gender-related struggles and discrimination.

Losing their job means limitations to their financial freedom and life possibilities.  

Giving them a job means empowering them, growing their confidence and giving them hope.


Our idea comes from a personal experience, women in our family lost jobs and some of them, older, they have a hard time to adapt to a digital world.

So many articles online are telling us how to make a shift in 2020 and start digital work.

But many of us, we have mothers, aunties, grandmothers who worked in shops, cafes, cleaning services, factories all their life.

It is just not that easy for them to jump online. 

We realized a lot of these women hold their talents in their hands.

We can take the current situation and turn into something good with your help!

We can produce beautiful, handmade and high-quality knitwear for all the fashion lovers while providing them with new opportunities.

Our vision is to provide the knitting jobs to women who were made redundant or who are struggling to find jobs. This mission is ambitious and we know it will be not straightforward, but it is with your help that together, we can make a step forward not backward.

With  love,

Patricia & Michaela