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Our idea comes from a personal experience, women in our environment lost jobs and some of them, older, they have a hard time to adapt to a digital world.​

So many articles online are telling us how to make a shift in 2020 and start digital work.

But many of us, we have mothers, aunties, grandmothers who worked in shops, cafes, cleaning services, factories all their life.

It is just not that easy for them to jump online.

Losing their job means limitations to their financial freedom.Giving them a job means empowering them, growing their confidence and giving them hope. ​

We realized a lot of these women hold their talents in their hands.​

We can take the current situation and turn into something good with your help!​

We can produce beautiful, handmade and high-quality knitwear for all the fashion lovers while providing them with new opportunities.

Linen Cutout Shorts

Linen Cutout Shorts

Oversized Pinstriped Vest

Oversized Pinstriped Vest

Pinstripe Skirt

Pinstripe Skirt

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Fuchsia Pink Wrap Dress

Fuchsia Pink Wrap Dress

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100% Linen Wrap Dress

100% Linen Wrap Dress

Baby Blue Longline Dress

Baby Blue Longline Dress

Baby Blue Backless Top

Baby Blue Backless Top

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no factory, just artists and their work

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for my summer days and summer nights

for my unforgettable moments and events

for me to feel good